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Own capital min. 54'800


Purchase price   274'000.-      
Acquisition costs % 2'740.-    
Transfer costs % 8'220.-    
Expenses of creation of mortgage file % 2'630.-    
Total acquisition       287'590.-  


Own capital %     54'800.-
Mortgage 1st rank   180'840.- =66.0%    
Mortgage 2nd rank   38'360.- =14.0%    
Total Mortgage       219'200.- =80.0%

Annual Costs

Mortgage interest 1st rank % 2'713.-    
Mortgage interest 2nd rank % 767.-    
Total interest       3'480.-  
Mortgage amort. 1st rank % 1'808.-    
Mortgage amort. 2nd rank % 384.-    
Total amortization       2'192.-  
Running/maintenance costs       2'740.-  
Total per year       8'412.-  
Total per month       701.-  

Minimum income

Total amortization   2'192.-      
Running/maintenance costs   2'740.-      
Total cost for minimum income calculation   4'932.-      
Minimum income per year       14'945.-  
Minimum income per month       1'245.-  
Costs/income ratio       33%  
- Theoretically, the total amount of the housing-related costs shouldn't exceed 33% of your total income.
- Borrower is required to supply at least 10% of the lending value of the property from their own funds, which may not be obtained by pledging or early withdrawal of Pillar 2 assets.

From 1st September 2014 (New Guidelines of the SBA):
- Mortgages must in all cases be paid down to two thirds of the lending value within a maximum of 15 years. (until now 20 years)
- The lending value of real estate will be based on the market value or the purchase price, whichever is lower.
- Second incomes are now normally eligible only in the case of joint and several liability.

This financial plan doesn't have contractual value. It is at your disposal as an indication only and subject to confirmation from your Bank.